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Mon Jul 19 12:03:07 2010
F52 in Puttaprthy, Anra Pradesh =India=
Name: Elise Leto
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Found us by: [ Web Search: ]
  just typed in the word "Bardo" as after assisting my dying mother
realised a few moths later that I had instinctively gone through
Bardo with her and helping her to detach

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    Prof/Studies: Interpreter
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More personal info: 
     in't fill in all questions as tiered and need to sleep ..willing
to do so later
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Recommended Reading-- Titles: 
	tibean book of the living and dying
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Most Significant Recent Death Exp was death of Mother, 2008 Years ago.
Cause of Death: cancer but inner unawareness of spiritual level;   Aged: 76.

     She was clinging for no reason terribly thin and i aske dher
if she had a secret or anger that kept her on earth she said NO
so I told her she had my permission to die to let go..as I left
the hospice I clapped my hands very strongly outside to help her
detach. The next day she passed away........After her death I was
in India in Rishikesh and held her pink quartz stone that she held
up to her death ...in visoion she asked me to throw it into the
ganges----which I did (creid two days before having to etach form
it) but it was a definate wish from her..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - T O P I C A L S - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
--Death Is: 
     passing into differnt dimension - formless - a libeartion and an
awakening but if energy on life earth incomplete you meet your
emons afte death and this is wher eprayers and guidance is needed
to get through and realise that they are illusions and connected to
when we had a body. Pull of soul to get back into a body sometimes
can be too too strong as habits kick in and fear, so on prayers we
can tell them to not be pulled back in the love making of all the
couples on earth - avoid the vortice and detach an be strong.

--The first time I ever experienced someone's death, I    
     accepted it and saw them on a noble journey

--The Most Vivid memory I have of this most recent death is:
     Illness can be a grae at times as Light comes into a person. My
mother undressed her self of all her MIND and I saw great light and
we got very close . Not so in life. Once she accepted too that she
could not control Death she foung peace... we had time to say many
things and the most signiifcant thing is LOVE. You just Love them
so much!!!

--What I think my (India) culture needs to better learn about death is:
     People are generally scared of Death. It is a great teacher. an we
die often in life and daily. There is no reason tohave fear. Live
the present. We are graced with this body  but we are NOT this body.

--One gift for which I shall always be grateful is:
     I was and am contacted by the departed person , my mother and I
feel that she is free and liberated. Her love is actually almost
physical at times and she leaves her scent.

--What was of most support to me in my experience with death was:
     none really.
--And the most difficult for me in my experience with death was:
     letting go. realising that you can no longer hold them.
--Regarding just Being There for someone dying, my advice would be:
     to be there for them always and make sure they are not alone at
night and that days don't pass where no one goes to see them. Even
sleeping in the room with them and eating with them. Caressing them
and reading to them.
--[My Mother's] death taught me so much.  I'd have others know how I:
     That only LOVE remains in the end. All else is futile. All is
accepted. No reason for blaming or forgiving. Love Love Love
and gratitude that they have been a part of our lives.
 We carry
them with us in us forever. They enriched us an hopefully vice
versa. Everyone we meet n life we meet for a reason or have already
met before and need to close Karma with them. LOve

--Regarding Humor in the death process, I'd just say that:
     of course. Why not.!! it is not taboo. Death is also nto sad. it
has lessons and lessons also in laughter for us. Only society tells
us to be drab abd sad. Rubbish. It is also a celelbration and th
person dying often leaves us their  energythat they had  of great
sense of humour an laughter too.
--Not that it's a regret, but I would like to have better had time to:
     nothing to change. Things happen as they should . Hve no guilt and
no remorses. They are useless. The departed Love utterly once gone
and are suffering is not a help if riffen with guilt.

--But some things worked out so well... I'm SO GLAD I was able to:
     sayb last things to her and let her know how much I loved her
--I can get all teary-eyed just thinking about it all again when:
     its normal. Death And Love are timeless. The emotions are always
there ; Always will be. We will reunite withthem later perhaps. Cry
and laugh.

--In another dimension of Life where this all had never happened...
     They come in their astral bodies and yes they visiti and tell us
we are loved by them and that they are ok too.

--Sometimes I think: It's just not fair...
     its not fair only if you think you are always in control and do
not accept things the flow of the river of life....

--When it really hit me... when I realized & acknowledged the death, I
     you can but accept.It takes what it take sbut in the end you have
to accept.

--Regarding HOSPICE etc:
     Great humanity an LOVE more than in the outside world. I wanted to
stay in the hospice and help others too.

       - - - - -   P e r s o n a l    H i s t o r y   - - - - - 

			How'd I do?     Well
     acceptance and blocking nothing out. tallking to the departed and
feeling where they were out of the body after death

What Hindered me most in my dealing with death?    Nothing at all 
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