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Thu Aug 28 16:17:10 2008
F18 in victorville , CA  =USA =
Name: amy 
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Found us by: [ Teacher ]
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    Prof/Studies: crew wendys
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Most Significant Recent Death Exp was death of GrandMother, 5 Years ago.
Cause of Death: cancer;   Aged: 57.

     tumor spread all over eventaul in the brain

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - T O P I C A L S - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
--Death Is: 
     when your time is up on earthe and you got to sleep and never wake
up and then they put you in a box dig a hole and put in it

--The first time I ever experienced someone's death, I    
     cryed and was very upset

--The Most Vivid memory I have of this most recent death is:
     all the food theat was brought to help us throuhg and the crying

--What I think my (USA ) culture needs to better learn about death is:
     how to get over it better

--One gift for which I shall always be grateful is:
     they didnt suffer anymore

--What was of most support to me in my experience with death was:
     knowing that you go to a better place
--And the most difficult for me in my experience with death was:
     not being with that person
--Regarding just Being There for someone dying, my advice would be:
     you get to see them go on
--[My Self's] death taught me so much.  I'd have others know how I:
     just trust in god and your self and it will get eaiser

--The most confusing point of death for me was when:
     why we have to go

--Not that it's a regret, but I would like to have better had time to:
     ask more questions about my family history

--But some things worked out so well... I'm SO GLAD I was able to:
     get to knwo her while she was here
--One seemingly minor thing (yet important) which impressed me was when:
     her handing invisble food
--And exactly backwards: what we didn't make a big deal of, was:
     giving us food to help us through it

--I can get all teary-eyed just thinking about it all again when:
     my nana pops in my head about her collection of tea cups

--Sometimes I think: It's just not fair...
     that they have to go

--It's sometimes so very difficult.  I just wish I could
     go away with no worries
--When it really hit me... when I realized & acknowledged the death, I
     why do we have to move on

--Regarding MEDICINE, DOCTORS, etc:
     realy stupid and needs to research more
--Regarding HOSPICE etc:
     nice caring
--Regarding CHURCHES, RELIGION, etc:
     moving on
--Religious Affiliation:
--Regarding ONENESS of SPIRIT, etc:
     the same for all you jsut go on
--Regarding MONEY:
     the funeral cost so much
--Regarding the FUNERAL:
     the peopel who came

--The weirdest part of it all to me was:
     the saying of good bye

     her seeing family that wasnt there and talking to them

     to just remebr the happy times together
--RE: Visions from the 'Other Side':
     they talked to those that had already gone
--How might you deal with yet unresolved issues from a death?:
     knowingf more hsitory about hte family no one my grandfather has
gone as well and there are secerts that wont be let out

--If we were to visit one last conversation...
     to learn more about the secerts solve the emptyness

--RE: After-death visits from our loved ones:
     she just apperd like she was alive and let me knwo she was okay
and then i nevber saw her again

--Any thoughts about your own death?:
     i wouldnt want ot know theres nothing you can do to prepare to say
goood bye

--What might you like your obit to say of you:
     family and freinds im glad i have the tiem to be with you thanks
for the good tinmes and the bad just remember all are tiems togehter
at the zoo parks and school. dotn forget to read a book or two now
and again excepicaly my favorites.

--Any Coping Ritual or Event you invented / devised to help you cope:
     sitting cross leged and lsitign to sounds of rain or nature and
jsut relaxing

--Any Coping Rituals or Events which have carried over into your life?
    jsut realx when you have a moment takeing a couple of extra
breaths helps

--Any New Friends emerge in the shared grieving process of Death?
     my friend realy came around when i need her the most

       - - - - -   P e r s o n a l    H i s t o r y   - - - - - 

			How'd I do?     Very Difficult

What Helped me most deal with death?    Books & Films 
     talking to someone i didnt know

What Hindered me most in my dealing with death?    Nothing at all 

--As for reaching out helping others now as part of my healing process:
     helping me understand why they had to go

- - - Comments on this Questionnaire & collection GuestBook - - - 
     yes its been helpful to let others know about my experince

- - - Any other questions you feel we should have asked here? 
     not so wordy

See  Jul 08   contributions.
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See  Current  contributions.
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