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The collection phase of The Previous Psych Questionnaire on Death / Dying by Laura Holcomb of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville is completed now, and Laura is currently in a stage of compiling the data, which we may later post here. Stay tuned for periodic updates on that.
Laura continues to have an interest in the work of the Bardo here. If you have questions or comments about Professional Psychology in Death and Dying, do feel free to write her here.
We do host here another Questionnaire on Death and Dying, written by Jerral Sapienza, Curator of the Bardo of Death Studies, responses from which are also updated regularly online. It is not strictly a research project from an academic point of view as was Laura's, but is more of an on-line journaling opportunity for submitting reflections on Death and Dying. It is a rather long questionnaire, designed to help you to think more thoughtfully about some of the greater questions of Death and Dying.

You are most welcome to contribute to the Questionnaire, or read what has already been sent in.

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